Case Study 1

We were tasked with finding the Director of a company who had signed a personal guarantee making him responsible for a company debt and recovering the money.   The Director had moved from his original residence and although he made it difficult, we traced him to a property in Peterborough.   The Director denied all responsibility for the debt and we therefore issued proceedings in the County Court.   The Director lost the case and we were awarded Judgment on behalf of our client for the full amount plus costs.   The Director refused to pay the Judgment, resulting in us instructing High Court Enforcement Agents to attend at his property.   The Agents found the front door locked, but successfully entered the property through the back door, where they confronted the Director.   The Director STILL refused to pay but paid in full when the Agents threatened to remove goods from his property.   Our client was delighted because they thought they would never recover the debt.

Case Study 2

One of our regular clients had a particular problem after they had supplied goods to a public house and the tenants left, leaving a sizeable debt outstanding.   We traced the tenants to another public house operating under the same limited company.   We informed the company that we we would take action in 7 days if they didn’t pay in full.   They did not pay and we then threatened to wind the company up by serving them with a Statutory Demand for the full amount plus costs.   We were paid in full within 3 days – another delighted client!

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